Jacuzzi Baths

elipsa jacuzzi


The ELIPSA, influenced by the natural geometric shapes of the ocean, is strikingly elegant and is in perfect harmony with the deeply relaxing hydromassage experience that it provides. Its 6 jet Jacuzzi whirlpool system ...

celtia jacuzzi


The CELTIA with its eye catching corner profile and integral seat is the ideal place to unwind and let the 4 jet Jacuzzi whirlpool system do its work. In addition, 6 rotating back jets provide a deeply relaxing massage.

aura plus

Aura Plus

The AURA PLUS is like having a mini oasis - a place for you and your partner to retreat and let the rigours of the day evaporate. The bath allows two people to enjoy deep immersion. In addition, choose from two therape...

invita jacuzzi


Share the luxury of the Jacuzzi hydromassage experience. INVITA features sleek, ergonomic lines and a symmetrical base. A soft headrest at each end of the bath allows two people to enjoy a deep, relaxing hydromassage.

aura uno

Aura Uno

The AURA UNO oozes style and sophistication with it's sunken design, clean lines and choice of Teak, Wenge or Italian marble deck - it's also packed with features and will delight even the most demanding lover of bathing...