Throughout the world ACO branded drainage and surface water management systems are recognised for their innovative design, high quality manufacture, environmental excellence and industry leading performance.
Today the ACO Group has a research and production base that reaches across four continents. This unmatched resource pioneers the development of solutions that are tailored to individual applications, meeting the need for high performance, sustainable products that deliver optimum value throughout their operational life.
ACO operates as ACO Technologies PLC in the United Kingdom. Founded over 25 years ago, the company has grown quickly on a reputation for design innovation and customer service.
There are 5 divisions within ACO Technologies that serve every sector of the construction industry, providing solutions for applications as diverse as rail, highways, airports, landscaping, retail, distribution centres and environmentally sensitive projects.
To help architects, designers and contractors meet the legal requirements that now tightly control the way surface water is managed, ACO has created its unique ‘Surface Water Management Cycle’ – Collect, Clean, Hold, Release – the four core processes required for the complete and sustainable management of surface water drainage.

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