Boiler Stoves

Harmony I

The Harmony's durable cast-iron body allows for optimum heat storage, economic fuel consumption, and high efficiency. The wide glass panelled door offers you a generous view of the fire, while its sumptuous finish brings an assured opulence to any hearth setting. Its integrated damper regulates the flue draught to ensure, even during windy conditions, a stable flame which is suitable to the desired heat output. The Harmony I offers the added advantage of an optional boiler, which can be fitted to an existing heating system. The Harmony I comes in a painted matt black, satin black, bottle green or majolica brown enamel finish.

Stanford 21

The Stanford 21 has an electric ignition which makes lighting the stove a quick and simple operation, and one control knob allows you to adjust the heat output according to your requirements. Its sleek styling will make it an admired feature of your home, even when it is not lit. The Stanford 21 is available in satin black enamel finish only.

Stanford 50

The Stanford model is a fresh, modern take on the cast-iron stove. Rounded lines gracefully outline the robust castings, which subtly hide the technical advances concealed within. The Stanford 50 is available in painted matt black or satin black enamel.

Harmony 5

Classically-inspired styling and advanced combustion technology make the Harmony 5 a comforting addition to every home. Ideal for heating smaller rooms, the Harmony 5 can bring the most out of the fuel you burn. They have been tested to meet the strictest standards of efficiency and emissions. Economic, elegant and easy to use, the Harmony 5 will bring you a lifetime of warmth and satisfaction. It is available in painted matt black, or satin black, bottle green and majolica brown enamel finish.